Saturday, October 30, 2010


The first time I saw Steve was when he won a 100 meter race and was crossing the finish line. I was a sophomore at MVHS and he was a senior. Other than that, we never really hung out or anything. I knew is little brother Caleb, and I coached his little brother Seth in high jump and we were good friends, but other than that, steve and I had not crossed paths at all. I heard his name a lot through that year over the intercom at football games and watched him bat once at a baseball game. I ran track, and I remember hearing about steve loveland and how he was so fast the coaches didnt make him come to track practice, cause he had baseball practice, but they let him come to run in the meets cause he was so fast. HOT!!:) anyways.. I always thought he was studly.. but little did I know :)

We went our seperate ways, he went on his mission to Taiwan, I finished high school and got in some college and won the miss orem pageant..

One week I walked into church at the singles ward. I saw Steve was new in the ward. We had never even been introduced or spoken to eachother. But I felt like I already knew him. I went up and talked to him as if we had been friends for a long time. (Come to find out later he didnt know who i was when i went up to talk to him. haha) I didnt really expect him to, he was older, when we were in high school, he had a girlfriend and i had a boyfriend. Neither of us were really trying to meet people. 
Right when i saw him in church that day i thought to myself "I want HIM" i knew from the start there was something special there and he was exactly what I had been looking for. The rest of our story fell into place so naturally! We were really meant to be together in that time and place.
Since then there have been way too many amazing experiences that have shaped us into the couple we are! Some of the big ones are:

For our first date we went to Scone Cutter and talked for about an hour and a half, even though we were supposed to be meeting friends for Country Dancing. We were just so interested in eachother and had a genuine desire to know about eachother.
Our first kiss was on halloween night in my backyard on a swing by my pool. 
We said I love you for the first time on that same swing. 
He gave me a promise ring in January.
He came to all 5 nights of Miss Utah to support me in something that was important to me. He was so patient and waited for me to finish my year as miss orem before we got married.  
He caught me by complete surprise when he proposed. He proposed when we went on a long motorcycle ride up the canyon and we went up as high as we could go and he said some beautiful words and got down on one knee and popped the question:)
We got married on July 31 2009 in the Sale Lake Temple

Now we have been married about a year and 4 months. It has been the best year and 4 months of my life. I love him so much and he is my best friend!

Sometimes we wonder why we never met in high school, or how we were literally under eachothers noses for so many years, but what we have concluded is that everything we have gone through when we were apart made us ready for when we finally found eachother.

I am so thankful for a such a happy marriage and such an incredible husband who i love with all my heart!!

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