Thursday, April 7, 2011


                                                                 Carnival Paradise!


Life gets pretty crazy! But nothing some fresh ocean air, unlimited ice cream and sunshine cant fix!! We flew from SLC to Long Beach Cali and the adventures started. If I said everything went perfect on this trip I would be lying. Lets just say everything leading up to getting on the cruise ship was an experience! Haha I was honestly surprised we got on the ship! But once we got on the Carnival Paradise, it was entirely worth it. It is seriously just relaxation enjoyment central. We found our room, and it was so perfect! Not too big not too small! As you can imagine, all the rooms on the ship are not very large- the ship has to fit a lot of people. But it was just great! Then we went to try and figure out this confusing maze of a ship! We finally found where the action was happening! And wow was it cool! There was a big pool in the middle of the main deck. There were 5 hot tubs total on the ship and buffet 24-7. They also have nice sit down restaurants available at night and like mentioned above- as much ice cream as you want! (if you cant tell, that was one of my favorite parts) And let us not forget the unreal amount of alcohol! People thought we were so crazy that Steve and I didn’t drink. A few different times, they would ask if we were Mormon, or why we didn’t drink, and a lot of people thought we were weird, and didn’t understand why we don’t go along with the part lifestyle. But I was not envious at all when I was all the aftermath of alcohol being downed all day every day. No thanks! I would rather be able to remember my cruise J. I absolutely loved spending 5 solid days with my sweetheart! I would spend all day every day with him if I could, but life does not permit! So that week was just what I needed! It was a blast being together all the time and sharing the experience together.
The other awesome thing about the ship was all the entertainment. Comedy clubs, variety shows, karaoke, spa treatments, shopping, dancing, live bands, room service etc.

The port trips were a blast! I loved the shopping in Ensenada Mexico! Prices were good, products were exciting and pretty, city was….. very Mexico, just how I pictured it! The sales people on the street were so persistent and I could not help but think that this is how they are supporting their families! That is why they were so willing to help, negotiate, and ensure that you buy something. I was looking at a beautiful ring, but it was the first shop that we stopped at, so I wanted to look around a little more and see if I could find another ring that I liked more. We looked at a couple more stores and when I walked out of one of the stores there was the original man who tried to sell me the ring with a new price, willing to accept less. It was very apparent that that sale was important to him! I don’t think it was because he wanted the money in his own pocket, I think it was because this sale is contingent on him being able to support his family. We are so blessed in the USA to have lots of options of what we want to do with our life. We have every resource at our disposal to become all that we want to be. Be are so blessed.  On a littler note, lets just sale I came home with lots of fake designer purses, 5 pairs of sunglasses, some gorgeous topaz earings and the ring I talked about earlier. Steve had too much fun with the Folex and Breitling watches. J If you ever go on a cruise, I strongly encourage a budget for your porting excursions.. And don’t go over. That saved a lot of money in our pocket and we didn’t regret spending what we did when we got home because we had a budget.
There is something about hanging over the deck of the cruise ship just looking at the water.. Very thought provoking, and peaceful. Steve saw some dolphins, which was way cool! Laying out soaking up the sun was much needed! It felt so amazing it was nice and hot, with the soft ocean breeze. They had a live reggae music going on the deck where we were laying out, waiters would come by and get us whatever soft drinks we wanted. It was a feeling I am going to crave to have again from now on!. J
       The cruise was amazing, the shopping was fun, the food was good, the ice cream was my favorite, the entertainment was exciting, laying out was much needed, but my favorite part was spending time with my Stevo!.

Suggestions if you ever go on a cruise:

1- Budget how much you want to spend at ports.
2- Bring a pair of pants:) not all shorts and capris. It gets cold at night!
3- Buy Deamamine incase you get motion sick.
4- If you dont drink alcohol, buy the unlimited drink pass. Its only 30.00 for as many drinks as you want the whole week, its worth it. If you are going as a couple, we just bought 1 drink pass and shared. It worked out great!
5- Bring ear plugs. ( you never know if your room is going to be under the stage or noisy area of the ship like ours was:)
6- Get ready for the time of your life. Its so much fun!


  1. So glad y'all had fun on your cruise! How fun to get away together. :) We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and it stopped in Ensanada too- great shopping for sure! Sounds like we got some of the same stuff!

  2. OH how fun! I've never been on a cruise but they sound like an amazing way to travel. What cruise liner did you go on?
    P.S. You and your hubby are so cute!